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The future of legal cloud

As Law firms and their clients start to adopt cloud services in earnest, CCE recently held a breakfast seminar exploring the future of cloud services for law firms. This informal gathering brought together cloud experts and legal firms to give their views on technology, innovation and the future direction of how legal firms use cloud computing services. Read the findings. Download the free PDF below:

Future-of-legal-cloud-downloadThe future of cloud for legal PDF download

We know legal – CCE IT services

With the collapse of the ‘Safe Harbour’ agreement, where your legal IT services keep your clients’ data is now a critical issue for your law practice. Legal IT services using US based cloud systems, CRM tools and many other applications may mean your clients’ data is not located within the EU.  This can lead to eye-watering fines for the non-compliant.  Further more, when the GDPR legislation comes into force in May 2018(which the UK government will adopt irrespective of Brexit negotiations) a practice wide approach needs to be taken to ensure that all personal data is correctly managed and secured.

In response to these challenges and the exponential growth of cloud computing within law firms, we have created a series of white papers to guide you through the issues, risks, benefits and technology. CCE have been delivering legal IT services to the legal sector for over ten years, and understand the enormous benefits Private Cloud services can have for law firms if adopted properly.


More on our legal expertise and detail on white papers

CCE first engaged with the Legal Profession in 2003 by providing a help desk solution to a major international firm. We currently provide numerous clients within this sector with legal IT services and expertise around our highly secure Private Cloud and Managed Print Services. We understand what is involved within the legal environment.

Our three data centres provide a highly secure UK based environment for all your data and applications. All fully resilient, replicated, dual firewalls, the latest anti-virus and filtering services are supported by our own 24/7 support team here in the UK. We provide business continuity for your business demands, all the servers you would expect, Internet Browsers, Windows Servers, Office Applications, Email, Accounts, Line of Business Software, other Hosted Services, MS365, Azure, all served from our secure managed Private Cloud.

Secure Printing / Managed Print Services

We work with the leading products and manufacturers to deliver print security and compliance. We identify devices which are non compliant and our policies automatically correct to limit risk to a data loss/breach occurring. Certificates, key to enabling and securing the flow of information are consuming and involve manual intervention. We enable our customers to manage these certificates in one place. Enhanced security and decreased labour effort!

Improving Your Security

Managing Partner stated in its 24 September 2015 News Letter that Cyber-attacks on law firms have risen by 40% on last quarter. June 2015 the SRA issued a warning that UK law firms were being increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. With the draconian penalties indicated in the new EU Regulation “up to 4% of revenue” it must surely be worth reviewing your firm’s security measures.

Download our white papers below:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Penalties of up to 4% of revenue
  • Clients right to erasure
  • Data Protection Officer required to document information security processes
  • Opt-out to become Opt-in requirement

The Information Commissioners Office and CCE Compliance

  • Guidance for selecting a cloud provider
  • Includes ICO Data Compliance Checklist

The Cloud for Legal

  • Law Society compliance
  • Information Commissioner’s Office compliance
  • UK Sovereignty guarantee
  • True hybrid facilities
  • ISO 27001 accreditation

Cloud Provider Checklist

  • Services
  • Pricing
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Data handling
  • Backup/recovery

Data Security and Cloud adoption – myths, realities and the future

  • Myth 1 – Data is less secure in the cloud
  • Myth 2 – It is harder to comply with the Data Protection Act when using the cloud
  • Myth 3 – Putting my data in the cloud means handing over control to the service supplier
  • Myth 4 – ‘On premise’ is an acceptable term in cloud discussions

Print Infrastructure & Document Workflow

  • What about device/infrastructure security?
  • How can CCE help to streamline security policy implementation and on on-going management of print infrastructure?
  • Pro-active Compliance and Peace of mind
  • Automation of print device certification to protect workflow and enhance staff efficiency


During the coming months we will be hosting a number of “White Table Meetings” solely for the Legal Profession.These meetings will address the problems associated with the security aspects of Managed Print and Cloud Computing as well as defining CCE’s approach in either avoiding or addressing such issues.

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