The Client – British Polythene Industries

British Polythene Industries (BPI) is one of the largest and most dynamic producers of polythene film products worldwide. It supplies over 270,000 tonnes of polythene each year for a wide variety of everyday applications in industries such as food and drink, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and horticulture. It makes many wrapping, binding and protection products that are sold by some of the world’s most famous household brands. BPI is also Europe’s largest polythene recycler, re-processing over 73,000 tonnes of UK waste material from industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic sources, diverting them from landfill.

The challenge

BPI-managed-print-services-mission critical printingHaving established a reputation for providing high quality products and services, it is critical that BPI ensures its business operates at the highest level of efficiency. Any incidence of downtime in its business operations could be devastating, not only to BPI, but to its vast customer base and its printers play an integral role in the smooth running of the production line. By way of example just one of BPI’s factories, not its largest, produces 4.5 tonnes per hour of polythene products and it relies on printers for labels to correctly identify palettes of individual product lines. If the printers were to go down for an eight hour period, it would result in 36 tonnes of polythene being stacked up on the shop floor. This nightmarish scenario is just one of the reasons why BPI continues to call upon the support of CCE, the independent UK IT Services company, to maintain the company’s business critical and mission critical printing and switches.

“It’s essential that our business operates round-the-clock and remains flexible to meet customer demands, which sometimes change at the last minute. We have many production lines, running various different processes at any one time. To keep tabs on the multitude of different products we produce, our system of product labelling is absolutely fundamental. I know that this part of the infrastructure is in safe hands with CCE.”

A long term partnership

BPI-managed-print-services-with mission critical printingSince 2006, CCE has been entrusted to maintain the network of 330 HP and Zebra printers across BPI’s 20 sites in the UK. Offering its customers a 24 hour response time and promise of an eight hour repair or replace means there is no need for BPI to employ its own team of engineers, greatly reducing the company’s overheads.

CCE’s flexibility when responding to hardware issues gives BPI the confidence to not have to hold any of its own spares and replacement printers.

“From the word go, CCE have given an excellent level of customer care and support. Even though CCE works with some very large companies, BPI always gets the feeling that we are the most important customer. CCE’s engineers understand our business and are so fast to respond. After many years of working with us, it’s got to the point where they know our sites and procedures so well that they prompt us if we miss anything. BPI has complete confidence in CCE’s ability to fix our problems and keep us up and running.”

BPI has now handed the maintenance of all of its multi-functional devices (MFD) to CCE, entrusting the company with its toner supply and printer upgrades. In addition to this, CCE will now also maintain its entire network of switches, which to date, has been maintained by a separate team of in-house engineers. This was primarily a financial consideration, but BPI was particularly impressed by CCE’s independent and agnostic approach to hardware supply as they moved from a lease contract to a purchase model. Acting as an independent consultant more so than other outsourcing contractors, CCE was able to give an unbiased opinion of what was required by BPI.

Continual investment for competitive advantage

BPI-managed-print-services-1Looking to the future, BPI has committed to invest £14m per annum in all areas of the production to enhance its operational ability to retain its competitive advantage.

By continuing to employ the services of CCE, the company can focus on innovation and its core competencies, knowing that non-core mission critical operations are in safe hands.

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