Enterprise content (ECM) and Business Process (BPM) management solutions

CCE are experts in technology that helps organisations to control and manage their content and automate the execution of business processes and departmental workflows based on that content or other external triggers.

ECM – Enterprise Content Management

The first step toward digital transformation, driving efficiency and creating paperless process.

Enhance compliance / Secure content / Reduce costs
CCE can support your organisation in organising documents, content and data under a structured ECM system. An ECM system enables secure and compliant management of all documents and content via a ‘single pane of glass’ with access and version control to provide compliant handling of information with appropriate retention periods. This is often the first step in digital transformation, paving the way toward reducing or eliminating paper from business processes.

Access to information that was previously siloed is improved, supporting agile and mobile workforces, and enabling multiple stakeholders to act on content without duplication in emails or other formats. Metadata can be applied automatically, ensuring that documents remain compliant and searchable with high relevance at any given time, putting your organisation in the driving seat with control of personally identifiable information and rapid, simple management of subject access requests under the GDPR. CCE can integrate an ECM with existing content silos, departmental workflows and business tools to ensure content management fits your organisations process with minimal change costs.

BPM – Business Process Management

Focus on driving profitable activities by eliminating the unnecessary manual data and document related tasks.

Drive efficiency / Increase profits / Mitigate risks
With visibility of the document and content related processes in your organisation, CCE can support with the automation of the business processes that the content or documents instruct using ECM and BPM tools combined with our expert support.

Whilst organisations increasingly work from digital documents and content, many still rely on manual recurring tasks and processes associated with content, such as capturing, reviewing and inputting information into internal and external applications. Costly staff hours can be wasted on tedious entering data, searching for content and documents, and constantly emailing versions of documents and instructions. Not only does this make processes slow and expensive, it also leads to duplication of information across numerous repositories that can be difficult to audit, and human error risk.

Departments that can benefit include human resources, finance, sales & marketing and manufacturing & logistics with automation of document related processes, stronger information controls and simplified user self-service portals that kick-off processes without manual administration.
CCE work with organisations to map business current processes and identify opportunities for efficiency through automation. We provide the technology, support, training and guidance to ensure success with minimal change risk and maximum return on investment.

Customer Communication Management (CCM)

Both B2C and B2B customers and target audiences have the benefit of choice in how they are communicated to by vendors of products and services. With numerous communication channels to manage, the cost of doing so can be significant. Customer communication can be driven from numerous different departments, for different purposes and in different formats, combined with increased regulation governing communication to individuals, the stakes are high in ensuring robust management of communication processes. Siloed communication streams in email, SMS, mail and other platforms can create repetition, increased cost in management, design, composition, transmittal and record management processes.

CCM systems address the challenge of managing communications through multiple channels. Communications in post, SMS, email and third platforms can be managed easily using the most appropriate CCM for the organisations needs, enabling organisations to begin interactive conversations with customers via the customer’s communication channel of choice. CCE can support your organisation in implementing the best customer communication management (CCM) platform and processes, as well as providing dedicated and qualified technicians to configure them for you.

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