BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

The internet generation now expect a “connect anywhere, connect anytime” working environment. As the use of personal devices increase, so will the need to use those devices in the work place.

This has benefits – staff can pick up email, edit a spreadsheet or finish a presentation remotely.

There are risks however. Critical information being carried around on a personal device can have serious consequences if lost corrupted or attacked by viruses.

A whole host of Trojan coughs and sneezes could be lurking on your staff’s devices just waiting to jump your perimeter fence – so why allow it at all?

Your key staff expect a working environment where they can choose what devices they use and where they use them. If you cannot provide this flexibility to your staff, you could lose them. Only a few years ago many companies did not allow internet access apart from at set times – can you imagine that now? The same is true of staff and BYOD, it is simply progress. The challenge is how to manage the risk.

Anywhere Access

Tablets, Android, iPhone, Kindle, hybrid and detachable – CCE provide secure BYOD technologies so that your Corporate IT Services can be delivered to anyone with an internet connection. There are various mechanisms and approaches:

  • Devices can be partitioned and access to company data only available through stringent verification processes
  • Remote access can be configured on a user by user basis
  • Security and manageability of nearly all devices your key staff may use
  • Any critical data downloaded to a device can be encrypted, allowing staff to work without a connection

Contact Brad Yates today on 0333 800 8800 to find out how your organisation can benefit from BYOD with control and security.

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