Disaster Recovery as a Service


DRaaS - Critical for business continuity planning

The high-tech safety net

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the high tech safety net integral to your organisation’s business continuity plan; it will keep it running if the worst happens and potentially fatal issues impact your IT systems.

It takes the complex and multi-layered work involved in planning and enacting a recovery plan out of your hands. Critically, it takes it off your premises, while still enabling you to maintain control of the recovery process and the systems and data you wish to protect.

Disasters come in different forms

The disaster in question could be a hardware or structural failure, a natural disaster such as a flood or fire, or a cyber-security issue such as ransomware or DOS (denial of service attack).

Any of these could lead to a loss of data and critical applications. You will suffer costly downtime during which neither you nor your customers can access your systems. Long term reputational damage is guaranteed and might just prove terminal to your organisation.

According to Osterman Research, 22% of businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees are forced to cease operations following a ransomware attack. On average the loss to small businesses caused by a ransomware attack was more than £75,000 per incident.

DRaaS Subscription model improves your cashflow

CCE Cloud

With DRaaS, there’s no need for you to take on the work and initial capital outlay of creating and maintaining your own off-site environment. We will create a cloud-based DR environment which will immediately come on stream when you trigger a recovery.

Our DRaaS solution uses a tailored Cloud solution and advanced software like Veeam, which offers both backup and replication, to ensure if disaster strikes that critical data will quickly be available, along with the platforms and systems that utilise that data.

A key advantage of our service to ensure business continuity, is our ability to mix Private and Public clouds to deliver a hybrid solution tailored to your exact needs, which can be scaled up or down as circumstances dictate, to reflect changes in your organisation. We offer it on a ‘pay for what you use’ basis rather than involving up-front capital

Only pay for what you use

We offer it on a ‘pay for what you use’ basis rather than involving up-front capital outlay, with the solution tailored to offer as much or as little protection as you want – we will advise what we believe your organisation will need.

Once in place, a DR plan of this kind should be tested regularly to ensure that failover will only be a click away from anywhere in the world. We use Veeam in our DRaaS solution because it provides a comprehensive availability strategy encompassing all aspects of replication and recovery with straightforward licencing and pricing.

Our service is tailored to your needs with 24/7/365 support when needed with data backed up, systems replicated and failover easily accessible around the clock - that’s the recovery safety net promised by DRaaS from CCE.

DRaaS facts

Facts behind your data & disasters

A disaster may be caused by a system failure, a ransomware attack, or human error, but the resultant downtime could mean the end for your business.

A catastrophic failure that denies access to the infrastructure, the applications, the networks and the data that are the lifeblood of your business.

Causes of disasters

Don’t think all disasters are caused by criminals. Your business could fail thanks to localised events such as:

Protect your organisation from:

Don’t think all disasters are caused by criminals. Your business could fail thanks to localised events such as:

Protecting your business is good business

Our DRaaS solutions are:
  • Robust
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective
They should form part of an integrated disaster recovery plan that is simple to trigger. Our solutions are designed to recover your business infrastructure quickly and to a new location if necessary.

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