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Auction Technology Group

Auction Technology Group (ATG) are a SaaS auction management platform provider. They provide technology allowing auction houses to operate on their platform connecting consumers, collectors, resellers and businesses with auctions around the globe. In any given year, they facilitate £2bn of transaction, have 5 million visitors, list 9 million lots and have over 1600 partners using their platform across the globe.

Managed Print Solutions for SME

ATG contacted CCE to look at their print requirement and how it was being managed. ATG had 3 Xerox Multifunctional printers and were printing 70,000 pages each quarter. ATG were aware they had some issues around the management of their printing. The Key issues were:

  • No print management in place
  • Replacement toners arrived late
  • Compared to volume, three MFPs was excessive
  • Too much colour was being printed, giving a high cost per page
  • High wastage and unnecessary printing

Also, the condition of the MFPs was beginning to deteriorate, increasing support costs. So the current print culture was wasteful, expensive and certainly not ‘green’ with high paper wastage. ATG asked CCE to address these issues and improve the management of their internal printing.

Reduced printer fleet

Firstly, ATG leased new MFPs from CCE. This enabled a robust support and maintenance service, keeping the machines on great condition. ATG looked at two solutions, (a) new Xerox Machines and (b) MFPs from Kyocera. As CCE are vendor neutral, the client could choose what printers were best for them. After a visit to their West London showroom, Kyocera MFPs were chosen. The decision was based upon ATG preferring Kyocera’s imaging which better matched the designers colour settings. The fleet was reduced to two Kyocera MFP 3252ci.

Print Management software – ‘Papercut’

Whilst at first sceptical of the benefits, CCE demonstrated then installed the print management software Papercut to control and manage print outputs. The software creates layers of control over each print job, reducing costs. This is done by various tools and features such as:

  • Card printing, only allowing designated people within the IT Active Directory (AD) to print.
  • Each person can have different print rules set up for them, such as colour, black and white or forced duplex.
  • AD printing can also scan or send direct to email further reducing print volumes
  • This authentication, ‘follow me’ printing and rules based on the user, dramatically reduced unnecessary printing
  • Automatic toner replacement before they run out
  • Printer management – intelligent sending to the printer fleet depending on a range or parameters.

Intuitive reporting

The reporting suite in Papercut also gives great insight into print usage. A whole raft of reports can be run over selected date ranges, including:

  • What department group or person prints the most and what they print
  • Executive summary of volume and cost
  • Comparisons over time by person, department or group
  • Management of shared account and cross charging
  • Environmental reports, tree usage, tree saving, most green, least green by person or department

Of course all these reports can be configured for each user or administrator depending on need and role.

Results & statistics

Once the new Managed Print Service had been running for a quarter, some startling statistics and saving were evident:

  • Mono usage reduced by 10%
  • Colour usage reduced by 35% (colour printing is typically 10x the price of black and white)
  • This gave an overall financial saving of almost 44%
  • Better staff productivity and less wasted time
  • Over the length of the agreement, the environmental saving is forecast to be over 25 trees!*

Vendor Neutral solutions

CCE is vendor neutral. By auditing your print requirements we will recommend the best solutions for your needs, rather than using a single vendor. This allows us to deliver the right mix of Hardware & Print Management Software at the best price. By getting CCE Vendor Neutral Managed Print Professionals to look at your print culture, large saving can be made at the same time as increases in productivity. …and you only need one or two machines to reap these benefits.
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*A tree is 8335 sheets and our source for this is Thompson, C.G. Recycled Papers – The essential guide. MIT Press. 1992

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