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We recently contacted a number of SMEs about cloud adoption and asked them which business processes were best suited to run in a Cloud environment.

The survey showed that the most common usages were:

  • web hosting at 45%
  • e-mail used by 43%
  • and data backup and recovery by 31%.

When asked what precluded them from either using Cloud services or increasing their usage, the reply was virtually unanimous. Security and Data location was the main concern with cloud adoption.

We then asked “If you were certain that these issues were eradicated what would you be interested in putting into a secure Cloud environment?” The results were interesting with application hosting, data storage, and recovery the most popular requirements. This showed an indicator of the potential future of Cloud business focus.

Thus we at CCE predict that hosted virtual desktops, e-mails, data archiving and recovery, coupled with business process applications would be the main requirements for the next 3 years.

When compounded with the need to reduce Capital Expenditure and to match Operating Expenditure to business demands as they happen, places a great responsibility on the Cloud provider to offer its customers security, and scalability in both directions, coupled with best practice and costs.

CCE have been providing Cloud services for over 10 years. Security is built into our no break Private Cloud network based on the use of 3 UK located Data centres, all linked and using leading-edge firewall protection. Because we are an authorised Microsoft 365 practitioner, we can couple your private cloud held data to applications run under the public 365 service where appropriate, in order to obtain the most cost effective hybrid service without jeopardising the integrity of your data.

“We believe that IT should be treated as any business utility; that is you pay for what you use as an Operating Expense such as power, not for the traditional approach of paying for what you think that you could want out of your Capital Budget.”

That approach eliminates the need for constant equipment refreshes every 3 or 4 years thus clearing the Capital Budget for the provision of essential plant, machinery or other capital requirements. In other words:

Cloud based business processes fall directly within the subscription economy that is rapidly emerging amongst the SME community.

Want to know more? Call CCE on 0333 800 8800 and ask about our Private Cloud services.

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