GDPR has landed (finally), but have you noticed any real difference yet apart from the tide of emails flooding your inbox over the last week from retailers begging to keep in touch? With the overwhelming noise from a litany of so called “experts”, customers have rightly tuned out from the rhetoric about exponential fines and impending doom.

Placing the fear, uncertainty and doubt to one side – whilst immediate changes may not be visible, this doesn’t detract from the need for good house-keeping and management of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The role of the regulator isn’t to put companies out of business, and a data breach under GDPR won’t necessarily be met by punitive fines. Article 26 “Data protection by design and by default” cites that the data controller shall “implement appropriate technical and organisational measures” to integrate “the necessary safeguards into the processing”. For simplicity lets acknowledge this as the good PII housekeeping clause.

Better housekeeping with ECM

However, business compliance risk to the GDPR shouldn’t be your organisations only driver for investigating better housekeeping methods – for example through Enterprise Content Management (ECM), document and data controls; productivity gains for your workforce should also weigh heavily in this assessment.

Implementing the right ECM through CCE will create a return on investment, not only funding vital and arguably requisite compliance tool, but also creating tangible, bottom line savings through efficiencies. Departments such as finance, HR, sales & marketing and contracts/legal can be the benefactors of considerable efficiencies in business processes, with the inherent removal of compliance risks. Improving compliance and profitability whilst simplifying process, sounds too good to be true, yet it is true. Digital transformation and compliance can be both rewarding and pain-free.

Automate your manual processes

With increased convergence of ECM and Business Process Management (BPM) tools in platforms such as DocuWare, CCE can help your organisation automate the manual process and heavy-lifting that your documents and content instruct and underpin. CCE’s expertise in IT managed services, business process and change management (instead of the fire-and-forget ECM sales) makes us the perfect partner to help your organisation harness the value of ECM tools like DocuWare.

If you’re seeking a straight-talking overview of the benefits of ECM in compliance and business process automation, minus the obligatory GDPR “fear” rhetoric, then we’re here to talk. Feel free to can contact Ben Nilsson, CCE’s Director of BPO Solutions on 07828 457984 or

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